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KALA is a vocalist who embodies infinite promise. With an innate funkdafied nubian soul-flavored by her South African roots, she is taking on new persona’s and  savoring various genres.

She debuted as an MC in 2010 alongside DJ J-PATH and has since had  the privilege of opening for  DnB icons  such as GOLDIE, FRICTION, COMMIX and RONI SIZE alongside him. Having graced the stages in local clubs as well as international festivals ; GLOBAL GATHERING, WORLD DJ FESTIVAL, WORLD ELECTRONIC CARNIVAL, JISAN and PENTAPORT festivals, she has established herself as a multifaceted vocalist.

She occasionally lends herself to live jazz ensembles and collaborates with HIP-HOP and DUB-STEP artists both Korean and foreign. As the lead vocalist in the trio COMPANY IN THE CROWD, she is breaking ground with a  DEEP HOUSE MUSIC collective including live vocal, trumpet and keys. KALA is also part of the TROUBLEMAKERZ , a DnB crew featuring DJ’s FENNER, YANN and MC JAKE PAINS.

As an artist, her musical vocabulary speaks in abundant tongues, progressively expanding on the sound spectrum.